Writing Your Vows

Hey Brides,

Are you feeling bogged down by your wedding to-do list? We know you want to write your vows. You always want to tell your partner how much they mean to you. But it’s also hard to be creative with so many other things going on, and it’s hard to know what you need to say with your vows. Keep on reading for ways to make it easier!

Read vows, write vows. Use the marvelous internet to look at examples of vows and what other people have written. Don’t copy anyone else’s vows…they should be unique to you and your relationship. However, you can use other vows as inspiration.


Decide on the tone. Do you want it to come across as humorous, formal, heartfelt, etc.? Think about what atmosphere you want to create with your words. Also, you could write your vows with your partner!


Think about your relationship. Keep in mind the key points in your relationship. When you guys met, your first date, when you fell in love, why you wanted to get married, etc. Mention these in your vows for a sweet, personal touch.


Make promises. The purpose of vows is always to promise things. Promise that you’ll always be there to love and support your partner, that you’ll be there through thick and thin, that you’ll always be patient and kind. These things are what will help your marriage succeed, and you need to let your partner know you’re in it for the long haul.


Practice out loud. You may be a little emotional and/ or nervous on your wedding day. This may cause you to choke up or stumble over your words a little. But if you practice out loud, you’ll be a little more familiar with your vows, and you’ll feel more confident.


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