Valentine’s Day Dates

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

We hope you and your SO have a fun night planned to just spend some alone time and have fun together! If you don’t…Here are some ideas we have to make Valentine’s Day a very special occasion! If you’re looking for ideas for dates that aren’t the typical “dinner and a movie” Valentine’s date, read on…

1) Take a hot yoga class. This can be a very fun and sensual date for you and your significant other. It gets the blood flowing, helps with flexibility, and endorphins will be running rampant! And if one of you already takes yoga, this can be a fun way to involve the other one in the other’s hobby!

2) Breakfast in bed. Where did the idea of dinner being the more romantic meal come from? Morning is when you feel most refreshed, and maybe even most romantic! Bring your significant other pancakes, eggs, bacon (you name it) while they’re still in bed. Add a red rose in a vase to the tray for a romantic touch!

3)Take a wine-and-paint, or drink-and-draw class. You can have some fun, drink some wine, and let your creativity flow! Just let loose and paint or draw whatever / however you want. In fact, it’ll probably be more fun if your work isn’t that great, so you can poke fun at each other! Having alcohol in the mix will just make this all the more entertaining…

4) Cook dinner at home! Sometimes, just staying home in fuzzy socks, blasting some music and cooking together is the most romantic thing there is! No need to perfectly curl your locks or slap on the mascara and foundation. Twist that hair into a top not, throw on some sweats, and get cooking!

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