Tips For Choosing Venues

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Choosing a venue is hard work, and there are a lot of options out there. Keep reading for tips on how to pick what venue will best suit you, your groom, and your wedding!!

Choose one that aligns with your vision. This one may seem obvious, but pick a venue that you’ve always pictured yourself in. You’ll know it when you see it. Every bride has pictured themselves getting married at a certain location at some point, so choose one that makes you smile and feels like the place you’re supposed to say “I do!”

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Choose one that allows for all your guests. You never want to choose a venue that doesn’t have enough space for all your guests, or one that has too much space and just leaves the venue feeling empty. Consider how many people are coming to your wedding, and plan accordingly.

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Keep your budget in mind. Obviously, you want to choose a great venue, but also one that works with your budget. Some venues already offer to provide tables, chairs, linens, etc., but this can also rack up the price.

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Consider your guests. Think about what will be easier for your guests, especially about your out-of-town guests. Think about choosing a venue that’s connected to, or at least close to the hotel they’re staying at.

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2 thoughts on “Tips For Choosing Venues”

  1. My sister is getting married soon and she asked me to help her choose a wedding venue and I am so glad that I found this article! You make a great point that you should think about how many guests will attend and if there will be any elderly people who may have wheelchairs and will need special access. Also, my sister wants to do the least amount of work possible so I will definitely look for a place that is willing to set up the tables and decorate so that my sister will not have any extra stress.

  2. I like that you suggested finding a venue that has enough space for all your guests, so you must consider the number of your expected guests. My sister and her fiance are currently looking for a private venue where they can hold their wedding reception. They want their guests to be comfortable in their reception venue, so it will be ideal for them to determine the number of their guests in order to find a reception venue with the right size.

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