Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Hi Brides,

If you’re struggling with what to do for your Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, struggle no more. Keep reading for some ideas…


Something Old: 

Antique car. Does someone in one of your families, or even your partner like to fix up old, antique cars? Use this as your getaway car when you leave your reception for your honeymoon!!


Jewelry. You could use a family heirloom, or a piece of jewelry your grandmother or great grandmother wore on her wedding day (this could also count for your Something Borrowed).


Piece from mother’s dress. Or, again, grandmother’s or great grandmother’s dress. We get a lot of brides who are concerned about their dresses being too low cut, and we always tell them they could take a piece of fabric from one of their female relative’s wedding dresses and have it sewn into their neckline!


Something New: 

New Perfume. Surprise your partner at the altar with a new scent lingering on your neck. They say your sense of smell is most linked to memory, so when you wear that perfume again, you’ll both think of your wedding day!


Lingerie. Bridal lingerie is beautiful. And your partner will definitely appreciate this as your something new…go into your wedding night feeling as beautiful as you felt in your wedding dress!


A gift from the groom. Couples often surprise each other with gifts on the morning of their wedding. Whether it’s a new hair clip, new lipstick, or jewelry, use it as your Something New and dawn it with pride as you walk down the aisle!

Something Borrowed: 

Jewelry. Like we said above, you can borrow jewelry from your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc (this can also work for your Something Old).


The veil. You could borrow the veil from a relative, or a friend.

Words. If you heard a passage that stood out to you at a friend’s wedding, ask to borrow that portion of their vows!


Something Blue: 

Sapphire. A little pop of blue on your finger could go a long way. A necklace or bracelet might be too much, but asimple sapphire ring would be just the right touch!


Shoes: Shoes are a creative, subtle way to add a little blue to your white wedding. Or, you could wear foot jewelry and just have some blue jewels in that!

The garter. Garters are special, and making this one piece of fabric blue would certainly make it stand out. Go against tradition and choose a blue garter!




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