Questions We Ask Our Brides

Hey guys,

If you’ve ever been into the shop, you’ve heard us ask the questions we always ask before a bridal appointment. Well, we’re going to explain why we ask these questions, and maybe it will help brides still looking for their dress narrow it down by asking themselves the same questions!

Have you tried on before? We usually ask this first, because this is a very important question. If you’ve tried on before, you have more of an idea of what you like and what you don’t like. If you haven’t tried on before, you may say you want one style but end up loving a totally different one. Because of this, we’ll pull more diverse styles for you to try on.


When is your wedding? This is important because some dresses take months and months to come in, and some could potentially arrive in several weeks. This narrows it down for us in terms of what designers to pull.


How do you feel about strapless? We ask this one because some brides are very averse to strapless. A lot of brides talk about not wanting to be pulling up their dresses all night. So it’s good to get this out of the way so we automatically know not to pull any strapless gowns.


How do you feel about lace and bling? Again, a lot of brides are particular about this. Some like one but not the other, or neither, so it helps us to know what they prefer before we even start pulling gowns.


Try to ask yourself these questions when figuring out what type of dresses you’d want to try on! We guarantee it will help!



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