Pre-Wedding Relaxation

Planning a wedding can bring a boatload of stress upon any bride. And as the wedding gets closer, that stress just builds up more and more. There are some really effective ways of managing this stress and keeping pre-wedding anxiety at bay. Read on for some tips!


Take baths. This is a great way to relax your muscles and let yourself take a while to calm your mind. Fill the tub with bubbles or good-smelling bath salts.

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Pleasure your nose. Lavender has always been known for the calming effect it has, so get some essential oils or lotion and dab some on your wrists, neck, under your nose, and maybe even get a massage with it!

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Pleasure your ears. Listen to calming music that you enjoy. Music has a huge effect on mood and how we feel, so choose tunes that will set you up for relaxation.

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Get some exercise. Go for a jog or check out a yoga class. This is a good way to settle nerves and get the endorphins going.

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Deep breathe / meditate. Practice deep breathing. This will automatically calm your thoughts and let your body know everything is okay. Meditation is also a good way to relax your mind and do whatever you need to do emotionally before the big day.

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Good luck, and relax!

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