Choosing Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

There are a TON of different kinds of wedding bands and rings out there. It may seem overwhelming to narrow down your favorites from the wide variety of metals and jewels there are out there. Keep on reading for tips on how to choose the perfect engagement rings and wedding bands!

1) Buy Your Rings and Bands Together. If you’re wanting a very simple ring, it might be best to go with a band that’s a little more ornate, and vice versa. You can even get bands that perfectly interlock with your wedding ring.

2) Don’t be afraid to have different metals or styles. The point of the rings is to capture both of your individual preferences. If you prefer platinum and your partner prefers gold, you could compromise and get both metals in one ring, or you could have some variety and just get two totally different ones!

3) Keep the future in mind. You want something that you’ll wear for years to come. Something you’ll be happy to see every time you look at it. Make sure you don’t decide on a whim and pick something that you’ll always love!

4) Make sure you size it right. Your fingers swell and contract depending on the heat, your weight, what time of day it is, if you exercised, etc. make sure you allow for some change!

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