Hair Styles for Each Neckline

Hi Brides,

It’s hard to figure out how you’ll wear your hair on your wedding day. There are just so many options! It’s easy to figure it out when you think about what kind of hair style would look best with the neckline of your gown. Read on for our ideas.


Strapless. Really, any hair style could work with a strapless dress. However, we’re gonna say hair down with strapless looks the most stunning. Let those beautiful tresses flow free!


Bateau neck. With the bateau neck, it’s best to have your hair up. This is because this kind of neckline shows off your shoulders and collar bone, so it’s best to keep your hair away from all of that so as not to take away from it.


Off-the-Shoulder. This is such a soft, romantic neckline, that your hair should be the same way. We think a nice, side-swept style is best for this type of dress


V-Neck. We think that a half-up half-down style is best with this type of neckline. Pull some hair back to enhance the neckline of your gown, but leave some down to frame your face!



Writing Your Vows

Hey Brides,

Are you feeling bogged down by your wedding to-do list? We know you want to write your vows. You always want to tell your partner how much they mean to you. But it’s also hard to be creative with so many other things going on, and it’s hard to know what you need to say with your vows. Keep on reading for ways to make it easier!

Read vows, write vows. Use the marvelous internet to look at examples of vows and what other people have written. Don’t copy anyone else’s vows…they should be unique to you and your relationship. However, you can use other vows as inspiration.


Decide on the tone. Do you want it to come across as humorous, formal, heartfelt, etc.? Think about what atmosphere you want to create with your words. Also, you could write your vows with your partner!


Think about your relationship. Keep in mind the key points in your relationship. When you guys met, your first date, when you fell in love, why you wanted to get married, etc. Mention these in your vows for a sweet, personal touch.


Make promises. The purpose of vows is always to promise things. Promise that you’ll always be there to love and support your partner, that you’ll be there through thick and thin, that you’ll always be patient and kind. These things are what will help your marriage succeed, and you need to let your partner know you’re in it for the long haul.


Practice out loud. You may be a little emotional and/ or nervous on your wedding day. This may cause you to choke up or stumble over your words a little. But if you practice out loud, you’ll be a little more familiar with your vows, and you’ll feel more confident.


Questions We Ask Our Brides

Hey guys,

If you’ve ever been into the shop, you’ve heard us ask the questions we always ask before a bridal appointment. Well, we’re going to explain why we ask these questions, and maybe it will help brides still looking for their dress narrow it down by asking themselves the same questions!

Have you tried on before? We usually ask this first, because this is a very important question. If you’ve tried on before, you have more of an idea of what you like and what you don’t like. If you haven’t tried on before, you may say you want one style but end up loving a totally different one. Because of this, we’ll pull more diverse styles for you to try on.


When is your wedding? This is important because some dresses take months and months to come in, and some could potentially arrive in several weeks. This narrows it down for us in terms of what designers to pull.


How do you feel about strapless? We ask this one because some brides are very averse to strapless. A lot of brides talk about not wanting to be pulling up their dresses all night. So it’s good to get this out of the way so we automatically know not to pull any strapless gowns.


How do you feel about lace and bling? Again, a lot of brides are particular about this. Some like one but not the other, or neither, so it helps us to know what they prefer before we even start pulling gowns.


Try to ask yourself these questions when figuring out what type of dresses you’d want to try on! We guarantee it will help!



Current Wedding Gown Trends

If you’re always looking for what’s “in” right now, or you’re always keeping track of and sporting the hottest fashion trends, have we got a post for you!

Lace is always a constant favorite for wedding gowns. However, brides’ eyes are also falling on materials like dupioni, crepe, satin, and more contemporary-looking fabrics.

In terms of shape, a very chic form is in style as well. Brides are opting for more fitted gowns rather than flowy, or even ballgowns.

Check out some of the gowns we carry in the shop that are some great examples of what’s in right now!




Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Hi Brides,

If you’re struggling with what to do for your Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue, struggle no more. Keep reading for some ideas…


Something Old: 

Antique car. Does someone in one of your families, or even your partner like to fix up old, antique cars? Use this as your getaway car when you leave your reception for your honeymoon!!


Jewelry. You could use a family heirloom, or a piece of jewelry your grandmother or great grandmother wore on her wedding day (this could also count for your Something Borrowed).


Piece from mother’s dress. Or, again, grandmother’s or great grandmother’s dress. We get a lot of brides who are concerned about their dresses being too low cut, and we always tell them they could take a piece of fabric from one of their female relative’s wedding dresses and have it sewn into their neckline!


Something New: 

New Perfume. Surprise your partner at the altar with a new scent lingering on your neck. They say your sense of smell is most linked to memory, so when you wear that perfume again, you’ll both think of your wedding day!


Lingerie. Bridal lingerie is beautiful. And your partner will definitely appreciate this as your something new…go into your wedding night feeling as beautiful as you felt in your wedding dress!


A gift from the groom. Couples often surprise each other with gifts on the morning of their wedding. Whether it’s a new hair clip, new lipstick, or jewelry, use it as your Something New and dawn it with pride as you walk down the aisle!

Something Borrowed: 

Jewelry. Like we said above, you can borrow jewelry from your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, etc (this can also work for your Something Old).


The veil. You could borrow the veil from a relative, or a friend.

Words. If you heard a passage that stood out to you at a friend’s wedding, ask to borrow that portion of their vows!


Something Blue: 

Sapphire. A little pop of blue on your finger could go a long way. A necklace or bracelet might be too much, but asimple sapphire ring would be just the right touch!


Shoes: Shoes are a creative, subtle way to add a little blue to your white wedding. Or, you could wear foot jewelry and just have some blue jewels in that!

The garter. Garters are special, and making this one piece of fabric blue would certainly make it stand out. Go against tradition and choose a blue garter!




Choosing Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

There are a TON of different kinds of wedding bands and rings out there. It may seem overwhelming to narrow down your favorites from the wide variety of metals and jewels there are out there. Keep on reading for tips on how to choose the perfect engagement rings and wedding bands!

1) Buy Your Rings and Bands Together. If you’re wanting a very simple ring, it might be best to go with a band that’s a little more ornate, and vice versa. You can even get bands that perfectly interlock with your wedding ring.

2) Don’t be afraid to have different metals or styles. The point of the rings is to capture both of your individual preferences. If you prefer platinum and your partner prefers gold, you could compromise and get both metals in one ring, or you could have some variety and just get two totally different ones!

3) Keep the future in mind. You want something that you’ll wear for years to come. Something you’ll be happy to see every time you look at it. Make sure you don’t decide on a whim and pick something that you’ll always love!

4) Make sure you size it right. Your fingers swell and contract depending on the heat, your weight, what time of day it is, if you exercised, etc. make sure you allow for some change!

Sweet Treats

Hi everyone!

There are a lot of reasons to love weddings. Maybe it’s the romance, maybe it’s the dancing, the open bar…but let’s not forget about the sweets! Are you looking for some sugary treats to serve on your special day? Here are some ideas!

1) Waffle Sundaes. Who doesn’t love breakfast at night? Offer different flavors of ice cream and different toppings so each guest’s taste buds are satisfied.

2) Berry Parfaits. Appealing to not only the taste buds, but also the eye! You can dress these up with all kinds of toppings, fruits, and syrups! This is the perfect option for guests who have a sweet tooth, but don’t want to feel heavy and bloated all night.

3) Cake Pops. Stray from the traditional tiered wedding cake with a more fun option. And what’s more fun than cake rolled into spheres covered in chocolate?!

4) Doughnuts. Easy, cute, and who doesn’t love doughnuts? This is sure to appeal to every one of your weddings guests.


Valentine’s Day Dates

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

We hope you and your SO have a fun night planned to just spend some alone time and have fun together! If you don’t…Here are some ideas we have to make Valentine’s Day a very special occasion! If you’re looking for ideas for dates that aren’t the typical “dinner and a movie” Valentine’s date, read on…

1) Take a hot yoga class. This can be a very fun and sensual date for you and your significant other. It gets the blood flowing, helps with flexibility, and endorphins will be running rampant! And if one of you already takes yoga, this can be a fun way to involve the other one in the other’s hobby!

2) Breakfast in bed. Where did the idea of dinner being the more romantic meal come from? Morning is when you feel most refreshed, and maybe even most romantic! Bring your significant other pancakes, eggs, bacon (you name it) while they’re still in bed. Add a red rose in a vase to the tray for a romantic touch!

3)Take a wine-and-paint, or drink-and-draw class. You can have some fun, drink some wine, and let your creativity flow! Just let loose and paint or draw whatever / however you want. In fact, it’ll probably be more fun if your work isn’t that great, so you can poke fun at each other! Having alcohol in the mix will just make this all the more entertaining…

4) Cook dinner at home! Sometimes, just staying home in fuzzy socks, blasting some music and cooking together is the most romantic thing there is! No need to perfectly curl your locks or slap on the mascara and foundation. Twist that hair into a top not, throw on some sweats, and get cooking!

Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids

Hey Brides,

Are you scrambling around to figure out what on earth you should get your bridesmaids to thank them for standing by your side on your special day? We’re here to help! Read on for some advice:


Pampering gifts. These are gifts you could get your bridesmaids so they can pamper themselves, and maybe relax after the hustle and bustle of the wedding. These can include silk pajamas, monogrammed bath towels, makeup bags with makeup and mud masks inside, a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure.

Image result for bath robes


Homemade gifts. These include personalized jewelry, candles, a hand-bound photo album or scrapbook, a knitted scarf or throw blanket.

Image result for monogrammed throw blankets


Wine and dine gifts. These can include a french press with their favorite coffee or tea, a bottle of wine or champagne, chocolates, gift cards to favorite restaurants, etc.

Image result for mini wine bottles


Gifts for their passions. If one of your bridesmaids loved to read, maybe gift a bookmark or little book of poems. If one of them likes to work out, give her a cute water bottle that purifies the water as you drink it, or a personalized towel to bring to the gym.

Image result for personalized bookmarks


Good luck!


Tips For Choosing Venues

Hi Brides!

Choosing a venue is hard work, and there are a lot of options out there. Keep reading for tips on how to pick what venue will best suit you, your groom, and your wedding!!

Choose one that aligns with your vision. This one may seem obvious, but pick a venue that you’ve always pictured yourself in. You’ll know it when you see it. Every bride has pictured themselves getting married at a certain location at some point, so choose one that makes you smile and feels like the place you’re supposed to say “I do!”

Image result for wedding venues


Choose one that allows for all your guests. You never want to choose a venue that doesn’t have enough space for all your guests, or one that has too much space and just leaves the venue feeling empty. Consider how many people are coming to your wedding, and plan accordingly.

Image result for wedding venues


Keep your budget in mind. Obviously, you want to choose a great venue, but also one that works with your budget. Some venues already offer to provide tables, chairs, linens, etc., but this can also rack up the price.

Image result for wedding venues


Consider your guests. Think about what will be easier for your guests, especially about your out-of-town guests. Think about choosing a venue that’s connected to, or at least close to the hotel they’re staying at.

Image result for wedding venues